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Aphasia Center of Tucson, The

The Aphasia Center of Tucson is a Program of Saguaro Center for Speech & Language, PLLC.  It offers comprehensive individual and group sessions. Contact the center for schedules and tuition rates.

1011 N Craycroft Rd, Suite 301 | Tucson
(520) 730-8428 |

Arizona Rehabilitation Services

This state agency falls under the Department of Economic Security.  Programs include vocational rehabilitation, independent living rehabilitation services, and a business enterprise program.  Office are located throughout the state.

Administrative Office for Pima County
400 W. Congress St. | Suite 420 | Tucson, AZ 85701(Directions)
(520) 628-6810

Beacon Group of Southwest

Provides training, development and access to work for people with disabilities. Select programs include center-based employment, day programs, and individual supported employment.

308 W. Glenn Street | Tucson, AZ 85705 (Directions)
(520) 622-4874

Disability Resource Center of Tucson (DIRECT)

DIRECT is a consumer-directed, community-based advocacy organization that promotes independent living, and offers a variety of programs for all people with disabilities. DIRECT works in partnership with Arizona Bridge to Independent Living (ABIL).

1023 N. Tyndall Ave | Tucson, AZ 85719 (Directions)
(520) 561-8862

Health South Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern Arizona

Designed to return patients to leading active, independent lives, HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Southern Arizona is a 60-bed rehabilitation hospital that provides a higher level of comprehensive rehabilitation services.

1921 W. Hospital Drive | Tucson, AZ 85704
(520) 742-2800

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of Tucson

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Institute of Tucson is a 80-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital that offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services and home health care designed to return patients to leading active and independent lives.Rehabilitation Institute of Tucson has a specialized inpatient program for strokes. The hospital can admit patients from acute care hospitals, local or out of town; physician offices; or directly from home.

2650 N Wyatt Drive | Tucson, AZ 85712 (Directions)
(520) 325-1300

Technology Access Center of Tucson, Inc.

The Technology Access Center of Tucson, Arizona (TACT) is a non-profit organization that helps individuals with disabilities learn about technologies that enhance their independence, productivity, and social opportunities according to their interests and needs.

4710 East 29th Street | PO Box 13178 | Tucson, AZ 85732 (Directions)
(520) 638-2733

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